Idea – Activate ‘Honey Bunny” Caller Tune For @1 Month Free

Idea , The topmost Brand in India in terms of Service Providers is offering their promotional Ringtone ” Hunny Bunny ” as A Caller tune for 30 days absolutely free.
This is a great promotional offer one after the other from idea so avail it as Soon As Possible, Idea Is A Great Offers Giving network these days. So idea users enjoy 🙂


How To Activate ‘Honey Bunny” Callertune In Idea For 30 Days Free?

1. Write A Message ‘HB” & Send It To 56789,


2. You will get a instant message as ‘We Have Received Your Request for Dialer Tone with Honey Bunny Tone”.

3. After a few minutes You will receive a Confirmation SMS  “Dear Subscriber we have received your request for Dialer Campaign Tone up to Rs.0.00 and Dialer Tones up to Rs.0.00 for 1 Month and Song validity for 1 Month Please confirm by replying 1 Within 1 Hour.”


4. Reply To that Number with 1 and Hello tune service will be activated within few minutes.

5. Enjoy This Offer 🙂

Note :- Please Don’t Forget To Stop The Service After 28-29 Days, Otherwise You Will Be Charged.
To Stop,
* Call 155223
* SMS ‘Stop” To ‘155223″

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