Top 4 Facebook Messenger Tricks You Should Know

Facebook Messenger stands out to be one of the most popular app amongst the android phone users with more than 1 Billion downloads, Facebook is continuously adding various improvements and innovative features in the app, to make it more and more interesting and enjoyable,Facebook messenger is now not only limited to messaging , it offers a lot more to the users, Like sharing photos,stickers,videos,location and more,with the latest additions users can also play games on messenger,With this post we are listing out some of the best tips and tricks you can experiment with the Facebook messenger.
So Let’s See What is the top 4 Tricks can be done in Facebook Messenger.


Top 4 Tricks Of Facebook Messenger,

1. How To Use Messenger Without FB Account,
You can use the Facebook messenger app without any Facebook account and get connected with all your friend, This features in messenger is similar to ‘Whatsapp’,Users just need to head to messenger,
1. Download Facebook Messenger, (If Already Have Then Please Go To Setting >> Apps >> Facebook Messenger >> Clear Data).
2. Now Click On Don’t Have Facebook Account,
3. Enter Your Mobile No.


4. Now Do Log In.
5. Enter Name,
6. Verify Mobile No. & Enjoy This Trick.

2. How To Play Basketball With Friends In Facebook Messenger?
1. Initiate A Conservation With Your Friend,
2. Send An Basketball Emoji, 🏀


2. Now Click On That Basketball,
(You Will Get A Game, Like Below Image)


3. Play It… 🙂

3. How To Send Cute Images Easily To Girls Or Friends?
1. Initiate A Conservation With A Girl Or Maybe Friends,
2. Type ‘@dailycute”
3. Send It Now, 🙂


4. How To Change Chat Colors,
1. Go To Chat, And Click On (i) Like Below Image,


2. Now Click On Colors,


3. Happy Changing, 🙂

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